How to Become a Neora Independent Distributor?

Apr 1, 2020 | Blog

How to Become a Neora Independent Distributor

Building your dream becomes easier when you’re with the right people and organization driven by philanthropy and community-building just like Neora. 

What is Neora? 

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Neora is a multi-level marketing company founded in 2011 by Jeff Olson. The company’s product lines focus on anti-aging skincare and wellness products. Committed to improving the quality of lives of people worldwide, Neora offers life-changing business opportunities.

How Can You Make Money with Neora? 2 Ways

Making money with Neora is easy. Even first-time business owners will find it effortless to make their business profitable.

  • Retail Commissions

Retail commission or making money out of selling Neora products is one method to generate profit. Many Neora Independent distributors buy wholesale products and sell them for standard retail price. The initial commission is 10% which will increase depending on your sales performance. 

So the more products you distribute, the higher the profit. Neora skincare and wellness products are easy to sell as they already have a reputation in delivering outstanding results. 

  • Referral Commissions 

Another way to expand your business is by recruiting independent business owners who will be part of your team. Their sales and referral commissions can also help you grow your profit. 

Neora Product Lines

  • Skincare Product
    Neora skincare products that include age IQ day and night cream, facial wash, serum, and sunscreen gels, are formulated to defy the signs of aging, to maintain a youthful look.
  • Wellness Products
    If you’re only looking for wellness products that deliver optimal health, Neora has a lot to offer! Designed to fit the modern lifestyle, their wellness products are edible and loaded with essential nutrients to boost your health and energy!

How to Join Neora as an Independent Brand Partner? 

How to Join Neora as an Independent Brand Partner

Getting started with Neora as an independent distributor is easy, you just have to choose your preferred Starter Pack. The minimum cost starts at $49.95. But for those who want to jump start their business, they also offer a premium builder pack with a bigger retail value!  

What Comes with Neora Starter Pack? 

The starter pack contains the essential tools you need to start your business. 

  • Business in a Box

Business in a box is like a portfolio that includes everything you need to know about running your business at home from marketing tips, to in-demand products in the market, and sales strategies. 

  • Personal E-Commerce Website

Running your personal e-commerce website breaks geographical limitations, allowing you to reach more customers. Also, it’s the best way to promote your business and package the benefits your products have to offer. 

  • Marketing Materials 

The marketing materials help you develop your marketing skills to engage more customers. It includes brochures, planners, and applications written by our marketing experts. 

  • Digital Tools 

These include Neora mobile app and other social media tools that give you access to digital marketing resources to help you grow your business. 

  • 24/7 Online Training

Neora provides 24/7 training through online video tutorials and guidelines. But they’re also more than glad to talk to you in case you need more help with establishing your business. 

What Do People Say About Neora?  

What Do People Say About Neora

I myself couldn’t be more thankful for this life-changing opportunity. I joined Neora a year ago and I was completely new to this industry. But with the help of their team, I developed my marketing skills until my e-commerce website took off! Now, I make more money than I could ever imagine! 

These success stories from other Neora Independent Brand Partners will surely inspire you more! 

“It took me about a year to actually commit to such an undertaking. I always thought that I didn’t have time or that I wouldn’t be successful. It was all those things that we tell ourselves when we are afraid to make a change in our lives. But now the future of my business looks amazing, I have been able in the past few months to travel more than I have in the past 10 years, I am going to be able spend more time with my family and I get to help people do the exact same.” – Chris Tyre

“I started this 7 1/2 months ago as well and have earned a free Lexus and a 25k bonus. The product is amazing, the business is even more rewarding!” – Natalie Sorensen

If you want to join Neora and become an independent distributor of Neora, please click here or contact us at and we’ll be more than glad to be your partner in growing your business! 

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