Neora Wellness Chews Energy Formula Review: Boost Your Energy and Restore Your Rhythm

Jun 15, 2020 | Reviews

Neora Wellness Chews Energy Formula Review

Are you having difficulty waking up in the morning? Is it hard for you to focus on your tasks? Do you lose energy to do anything in the middle of the day? Your circadian rhythm, also known as the way your body clock cycles between wakefulness and sleepiness, may be off. Finding the right rhythm is important but it can be difficult to do. If you need help in getting that balance, try the Neora Wellness Chews Energy Formula.

The Neora Wellness Chews Energy Formula Explained

An unbalanced circadian rhythm affects your mood, focus, energy, and productivity. With these chews, you can give yourself a boost of energy for sustained alertness throughout the day.

The energy chews work by regulating your sleep and wake cycle so you feel alert and focused during the day.

List of Ingredients and Their Benefits

List of Ingredients and Their Benefits

The Wellness Chews Energy Formula contains ingredients that help boost energy and increase metabolic function. It also provides long-lasting alertness while supporting a relaxed state of mind.

Here are the components of the formula.

  • Circadiplex™ – an exclusive blend of ashwagandha root and leaf extract, gotu kola powder, and reishi mushroom powder that increases the body’s ability to manage stress.
  • Ashwagandha Root and Leaf Extract – a botanical extract that helps optimize stress management and helps improve sleep.
  • Gotu Kola – a botanical that helps fight fatigue and anxiety as well as improves memory and cognition.
  • Reishi Mushroom – supports normal hormone and cortisol level to help regulate stress and promote sleep.
  • L-Tyrosine – an amino acid commonly used to help improve learning, memory, and focus.
  • Caffeine – derived from tea, this helps stimulate your nervous system and make you feel more awake and alert.

With continuous use, this can help balance your circadian rhythm. For best results, take the Energy Formula in the morning or whenever you need it and take the Wellness Chews Sleep Formula before you go to sleep.

Final Review: Is it Worth the Hype?

Final Review Is it Worth the Hype

If you’re having trouble waking up in the morning and maintaining your focus throughout the day, give the energy chews a try. They’re a great way to give yourself a boost of energy without giving you any nervousness. The mixed berry flavor makes them taste great too!

Since its inception, Neora has always been committed to providing a holistic approach to wellness. Using the energy and sleep chews in combination can help correct your body clock and balance your circadian rhythm. You can buy the products separately or you can get the Wellness Chews Combo pack.

Do note that the wellness chews are dietary supplements. They’re not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any ailments.

In the event that you feel the product isn’t for you, Neora does offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Want to Get Yours?

Stay focused and alert throughout the day. Get your wellness chews at Beautiful Skin Experts, the leading distributor of Neora products. Make sure you opt for the monthly auto-delivery so you can get a 24% discount on your purchase. 

Become a preferred customer and you can receive additional benefits. Visit the website today for more information on the latest products and special promos!

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